Government Contracts

Serving Local, State and Federal

Being active duty and veteran ran, we understand the needs and priority for government contracts. Let us help your department acquire the tools you need.

Variety and Experience

We offer a large list of brands and models, so no matter what tool is needed for the job, we can support. If you don’t see something you want, please inquire with us and we will work with the manufacturer to see if we can’t procure what you need. Our staff has also trained and/or competed with much of what we offer, so we will always give honest opinions and real world experience to provide you with everything you need to help with your purchase.

Free Demos

Come try out various weapon systems for yourself and see if they fit your department’s needs. We offer free demos with ammo provide by your agency or purchased from us. You can bring as many colleague as you like, just provide a range and we‘ll be there with staff to instruct and support the demo shoot.